Marianna's Therapy Themes

Depression & Anxiety

Psychotherapy for depression and anxiety in Sacramento CA and online. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common, disheartening and limiting human experiences. Stress from everyday living easily becomes overwhelming and disabling until we take actions to bring stress under control. Thinking of death and dying is common. I can guide you through the steps you need to take to control your stresses and to recover your motivation to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Trauma & PTSD

Psychotherapy for trauma, PTSD and stress in Sacramento CA and online. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Painful memories often linger around after overwhelming (traumatic) experiences, leaving us feeling irritable, angry, jumpy, and distrustful of others and the world. We often alternate between intense anxiety and vigilance at the one extreme and dark depression and hopelessness at the other. I am there for you while you are working through your grief of losing one life and the awareness of building another one to (re)gain your sense of control over your wellbeing.

Cultural Adjustment

Psychotherapy for cultural adjustment in Sacramento CA &  online Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Leaving your loved ones and all that you have known behind is often conflicting, confusing and painful, even when you have done that at your own free will in the hope of a brighter future. You think you should be happy but when you close your eyes you feel sad and lonely. I can lead you through your journey to a new awareness that integrates the old and safe with the new circumstances in meaningful ways. A new life is a new adventure.

Single Over 30

Psychotherapy for singles over 30 in Sacramento CA and online. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

You may have come to your 30s – alone. No permanent partner, no prospects for children or stability. Your parents are starting to look funny at you and feeling a bit inpatient with your slow motion. Which then makes you question yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” In a world that considers marriage and family as "timely norms" in development, it's easy to feel ab-normal when we don't get there - or not "in time". Let's discuss these expectations and how they interfere with your own plans for yourself.


Hungarian-speaking therapy for Hungarian people in Sacramento CA and online. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

My primary language is Hungarian. If there are any Huns out there wishing to speak to a fellow country person and discuss cultural diversity in their native language, you know where to find me.

Reunification Therapy

Family reunification therapy, child and family therapy in Sacramento CA. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Even if not as "peas in a pot", I believe that families deserve a second chance to work on their relationships and come together once more like these cookies in a basket. Adults may choose to separate their ways but children don't have a real choice to pick their parents. Abuse, domestic violence, estrangement happen and can be remedied with Awareness, Communication, and Changing Problem Behaviors. Let me support you on your way back to your family.

Find Yourself in the Movies

Strength-based psychotherapy, cinema therapy  in Sacramento CA and online. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

I am planning to create a discussion group where we can watch movies and then talk about the stories' relevance to our lives. Movies are not only entertainment to kill time but also the myths of our times that can raise awareness and teach us better decision-making. We no longer sit around campfires in cold nights and listen to a wise person teaching us lessons of life as the heroes ahead of us exemplified them. The directors of moving pictures are our story tellers and the actors are our heroes. They can make our internal conflicts visible to us so we can see ourselves in a different light. Life goes on and so does storytelling ... 

Pre- and Post-Surgery Anxiety Relief

Surgery related anxiety and depression treatment in Sacramento, CA & online Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

A surgery can raise lots of questions and concerns not only about your own future but that of your loved ones as well. Your fear may come from past experiences, expectations of the current procedures, distrust of the system, or lack of sufficient information. I've been there, done that, lived to tell another story. Let me help you with my personal and professional experiences. It may not be surgery that is so scary but your lack of knowledge or the lingering images in your mind. Now you can prepare for reality and re-write your unfounded fears.


Psychotherapy for hoarding and compulsive shopping in Sacramento, CA. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT.

  Life is stressful. Each of us needs to find a safety zone where we feel “good” and “sheltered”. Collecting things around you is your choice of keeping yourself safe. You derive a sense of “goodness of self” from imagining the goodness that each and every thing that you are collecting can potentially bring to someone. The tension lies in the opposing views: what feels safe to you feels unsafe to others. The cleanup will only feel like a “rape” of this “goodness of self” unless the letting go comes from inside of you by finding other viable options to express your love and affection. Let me support your effort to find alternative ways to be you.