About My Work

Grow. Integrated, whole-person oriented psychotherapy in Sacramento, CA. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Integrated & Whole Beings

I work with the whole human being, not only with diagnoses. I believe that we are not either healthy or sick but we are on a continuous journey toward wholeness, a.k.a. health. We adjust to the best of our abilities to the bumpy road of life through opening up to the world just a little more every day. This adjustment may not always look pretty or socially desirable; nevertheless, it is not sick. It is safe.

It is just you with all your complexities.

Take an honest look at you. Existential psychotherapy in Sacramento, CA Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Existential Approach

Take an honest look at yourself. Your life is your art. You paint your picture – of yourself and of the world – with the ideas you generate and the choices you make. You now take a step back from your artwork to reflect on your strengths and unfulfilled desires, the choices you have made so far and the direction you wish to take from here on.​ I will guide you to the realization that the world is but a big bazaar and you’ll find in it what you are looking for. Existential approach is about owning your choices and seeing the world as a mirror of the Self. 

Let go of beliefs that you have outgrown. 
CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Let go of beliefs that you have outgrown. The most destructive enemies you can have are hiding in your own mind. They are the images of yourself, other people, and the world that you created when we were very young and your knowledge of the world was limited to the one square foot area that you happened to live in at the moment. Many of those early beliefs are not only not true but hinder your further development. Let me help you unveil these beliefs and replace them with more constructive ideas.

Psychotherapy on the Internet (Telehealth) across California with Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Internet Therapy or Telehealth

Now you can get your therapeutic hour in your lunch break without having to leave your office or the safety of your home. Just hit my secure platform through the email that I send you. Therapy over the internet is just as effective as in-person meetings minus the hassle of traffic and having to find parking. As long as you are in California, U.S.A., we can work together on your goals. It is covered by most insurance plans.

Collaborative psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults Sacramento Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Interactive & Brief

Therapy, as I see it, is not for ever-after. Brief does not mean "meaningless". Our lives are finite yet we can make it count. However, allow at least 10 -12 weekly sessions to start to see lasting changes, even though great insight can be achieved in one conversation. A fresh look from a stranger can change your life if you take time to elaborate on your impressions and change your ways. I am not a fried fish in therapy. I will give you ample feedback and leave you with a "snack" (something to think about) until our next session. We'll work together like gears.

Forward looking and solution focused psychotherapy in Sacramento, CA Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Forward Looking & Solution Focused

I believe that everything we need for change is present in this moment. The way you sit or talk, the assumptions you make, the expectations you build, your fears and the responses you give to them, are a wealth of information about how to move you forward in life. You don't have to remember exactly what happened when you were three to change some habits that no longer serve you. What matters is that the choices you make now are consistent with your goals and are not self-defeating. I help you become aware of the old chatter in your head and the new decisions you can make to turn your life around.

Whole-person perspective psychotherapy; see you in the context of your life. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Developmental Perspective

Today's drama is not played in a vacuum. The challenges that you are facing today intrude a normal developmental timeline. The death of your parent, for instance, will likely have a different effect on you if you are an established independent adult as opposed to a teen who is just launching your life or a young child learning to talk. Understanding where you are (or were) at a critical time of your life gives us lots of information about the meaning of that event and your chosen coping strategies. 

Jungian psychotherapy in Sacramento, CA. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Jungian Archetypes

You are a creative being whose consciousness is evolving on a spiral: increased understanding of the central Self from ever-broadening vantage points. We can follow your life as an archetypal journey through the symbols of myths, stories, Astrology and Tarot cards to integrate your Shadow and evolve your Self. I have extensive training in Astrology, Tarot and Archetypes to keep you company in a meaningful way. No fortune telling; I don’t believe in a future that is hanging “out there” waiting for us. But I believe that once we have contented our basic needs, we can aim for a more spiritual conceptualization of who we are.

Flexible hours for flexible budget psychotherapy in Sacramento, CA. Marianna Jakucska, LMFT

Benefits of Private Pay

Complete confidentiality and full-length sessions are some of the perks of paying for therapy out of pocket. Unlike in case of insurance payment, there is no requirement for stigmatizing medical necessity, diagnosing, bureaucracy-ordered treatment planning and evidence-based interventions. We know that creativity is a psychic tension that can be misinterpreted and mistreated as anxiety, depression, or a psychotic state of mind. Creativity requires constant reflection and mindful living. Nurturing it through Jungian archetypes, dream analysis, and visualizing the metaphoric journey through human existence is not rooted in medical necessity and is not covered by insurance.


Experience with Addictions

I have counseled people who have become lost in addictions, which turned their lives upside down. In my view, when you use chemicals (alcohol, cigarettes, psychoactive chemicals or psychotropic medications) or certain behaviors (shopping, gambling, eating, or self-injury) to gain instant relief from pain or predictable satisfaction in an unpredictable life, you are giving away your creative power. You see the cause of your misery and pleasure in the outside world instead of inside your mind. You mistaken the reflection with your Self. No wonder that the drug-using personality is compared to Narcissos: the young man who fell in love with the image he saw reflecting in the lake and got addicted to it. You seek power where it is not and choose to discard it every day where it is. I help you explore the purpose your addiction fulfills for you so you can find constructive alternatives.


Crisis Counseling

The pursuit of happiness is the foundation of the U.S. culture. We often measure our lives with this elusive concept. I have counseled people who reached out to the crisis line in their darkest hours to find just one last "excuse" to live - asking the question, "How did I fail to be happy?". Living is a choice alternative to dying which we take every day until we run out of reasons to do so. I'd like to run through your checklist before you take your final journey. I'd like to create a space where you feel safe to discuss the pros and cons of your options. Life is a choice - probably one-time only. Let's rephrase that question above to "How can I find a meaningful - if not happy - way to live?"


My Education

I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences since December 8, 2014. My license number is LMFT 84050.

I received my Masters in Arts (MA) degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA in 2011; my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, and minors in Religious Studies and Philosophy of Religions from San Francisco State University in 2008.

I completed my elementary and high school education in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. I like to blend science (the rational that speaks in numbers) and the mystical (the subjective power of emotions that speaks to us in metaphors) to evoke the full range of human experience.